Regenerative Medicine

Leading the way in stem cell and regenerative medicine clinical trials for cerebral palsy, discovering new therapies for prevention, treatment and cures. 

Experts are researching how stem cells could be useful in CP through their ability to protect vulnerable brain cells and preserve their function, help to repair injury, or even support replacement and regeneration of damaged cells.

Researchers are focusing on cells from the placenta, adult tissue like bone marrow, and the brain for the treatment of CP. While research in humans is relatively new, evidence is emerging from early stage clinical trials about the safety and benefits of stem cells.

Presently, many cell types, doses and routes are under investigation. Importantly, we know that stem cells have a role to play in targeting inflammation. Inflammation peaks in the hours and days following a brain injury and, if we can target this process early using stem cells, it will most likely result in better outcomes. However, stem cells may also be useful for treating established CP in children and even adults, since some stem cell types can support brain repair and contribute to reducing overall damage. 

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