50 Sit Ups a Day
in November Challenge

1-30 November 2023


It's time to SIT UP for cerebral palsy

Join the '50 Sit Ups a Day in November Challenge', this November.

Whether you sit up or crunch, with a twist or weights, join a community of passionate crunchers doing something great for their core whilst sitting up to make a positive impact for people with cerebral palsy.

Your crucial fundraising will help fund ground-breaking research into the prevention, treatment and cure of cerebral palsy, and provide support services that help people with cerebral palsy to lead full and independent lives.

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Challenge Champ - Meret

Meret works for Cerebral Palsy Alliance as a disability advocate, helping to show that having a disability isn't one-size-fits-all. Her current focus is on educating people on removing the assumptions and barriers that can limit opportunities for people with disabilities, especially in workplaces.

She loves travelling and learning about other cultures, reading, swimming, catching up with friends, and the fast-paced nature of film and TV production. Determined to make her mark in the industry, Meret eagerly sought feedback on her independent work from industry professionals, showing her managers that she would not give up no matter the challenge. At just 26 years old her expertise in film and as a disability advocate has recently been in demand as a speaker at conferences in Australia, Norway, Greece and New York.

"From a very young age, I was told that my CP didn't define me and that I could achieve the same as my peers. Sure, it'd look a little different and might take a little longer at times, like learning to drive a modified car, but that doesn't mean I can't do it! That attitude is something I take into everything I do, whether it's a solo overseas trip, the next work project or physical activity challenge!"

Meret was diagnosed with spastic hemiplegia and dystonia cerebral palsy at nine months old after a difficult birth and lack of oxygen. It affects the muscles down the right side of her body and mildly affects her speech. The dystonia means Meret's muscles move involuntarily, and was what her parents nicknamed her “wild” right arm.

Her journey with Cerebral Palsy Alliance started straight after Meret was diagnosed - accessing physiotherapy and occupational therapy to improve her muscle movement, fine motor skills, and speech therapy to improve her speech clarity. Meret still accesses these services today, as well as swimming and hydrotherapy which she absolutely loves!

"I’m inviting you to sit up with me this November and fundraise for vital support services that help people with cerebral palsy like me, to lead full and independent lives."


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