Frequently Asked Questions


What does Cerebral Palsy Alliance do? 

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Cerebral Palsy Alliance is a non-profit that provides services to thousands of people living with cerebral palsy and their families, as well as being the global leader of expertise for cerebral palsy research, advocacy, intervention and assistive technology innovation.   

By fundraising for Cerebral Palsy Alliance, or donating to a fundraiser, you're helping give kids and adults living with cerebral palsy, and their families, opportunities to reach their goals and full potential.  

Below is why your fundraising for Cerebral Palsy Alliance is so important: 

  • 17 million people are living with cerebral palsy worldwide. 
  • 34,000 people are living with cerebral palsy in Australia.
  • 1 in 700 Australian babies are diagnosed with cerebral palsy. 

For more information please visit Cerebral Palsy Alliance.  

Where do the funds raised go? 

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Cerebral palsy is the most common childhood physical disability and with an Australian child being diagnosed with cerebral palsy every 20 hours your help is needed now more than ever. 

Your fundraising donations will help our dedicated therapists provide the vital ongoing support to people living with cerebral palsy and help fund world leading research into the treatment and prevention of cerebral palsy.

Your fundraising will support a wide range of initiatives including: 

  • Babies at risk Identifying babies at risk of cerebral palsy and providing early intervention therapies during critical early days of development. 
  • Essential research – Early detection and diagnosis of cerebral palsy, regenerative medicine, epidemiology, innovative mobility and communication technologies. 
  • Telepractice – Digitally linking clinicians and clients ensuring greater access for children with disabilities to vital therapy, no matter where they live. 
  • Rural & regional – Equip state-of-the-art therapy centres that support children with disabilities and their families in rural and regional areas.
  • Youth programs – Programs that empower teenagers and young adults living with a disability to take on new challenges and live their best life possible.
  • Remarkable - A startup accelerator committed to developing tech startups that amplify human potential and reduce barriers for people with disabilities. 

Who can fundraise for Cerebral Palsy Alliance?

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Everyone can do great things to support people living with cerebral palsy live their best life possible!  

Every dollar raised helps our dedicated therapists provide the vital ongoing support to people living with cerebral palsy and help fund world leading research into the treatment and prevention of cerebral palsy and we couldn’t do it without your support.  

If you’re under 18 years of age, make sure you get parent or guardian permission before you register to fundraise. 

Are there other ways I can help support? 

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Yes of course! You can GET INVOLVED in several different ways such as:  

Attend a CPA event 

Provide corporate support 

Include a gift in your will 

Volunteer with CPA 

Or you can DONATE directly. We really appreciate your support.  

Getting Started

How do I register to Fundraise for Cerebral Palsy Alliance?

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You can register anytime you like by clicking the FUNDRAISE button.  

Once registered you'll receive an e-mail with login details for your online fundraising page, and you’re ready to start spreading and collecting donations to make a difference to people living with cerebral palsy.

If you have a question or need help, please email us at or phone 02 9975 8957 - the team are always happy to help! 

Why do I need to register? 

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So, we can provide you with help and guidance when you need it. Once you’re registered, we’ll be able to help you make the most of your fundraising event. 
Plus - when you register you get your very own fundraising page, that you can customise to your own challenge. You can use this link to share with your family and friends to ask for donations and support. 

Do’s and Don’ts of your Cerebral Palsy Alliance fundraising event. 

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  • DO: Get excited. Engage your network, rally the masses and have fun with your mission!
  • DON'T: Get so excited that you use profanity or language in your promotions that could potentially harm the Cerebral Palsy Alliance name or brand. 


  • DO: Keep operating costs down by asking local businesses and your networks if they can donate venues, catering and prizes.
  • DON’T: Have expenses exceed 30% of your fundraising total. 


  • DO: Contact our support team via email or phone 02 9975 8957 - the team are always happy to help!
  • DON'T: think you’re in this alone.

What sort of things can I do to help to make a difference to people living with cerebral palsy?

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It's totally up to you!  

Check out the list below for inspiration: 

  • Host an event – organise a movie night, dinner party, trivia night or even a BBQ where each guest donates amount of their choice (recommend the amount you would normally spend on a night out). 
  • Get Active – swim, walk, jog, run, bike, hike, skip, squat, whatever your heart desires. Set a physical goal and smash it! 
  • Kick a Habit – sugar, coffee or social media, give it up for a month and give back.
  • Live stream – stream your gaming, art, IRL adventures and more.
  • Garage sale – Get rid of items you no longer use for a greater cause.
  • Give up your gifts – devote your special occasion to a great cause.
  • Face your fears – get rid of it, jump out of it, get a thrill from it.
  • In Memory – Honour a loved one’s life and fundraise in their memory. 

Let your imagination run wild and start FUNDRAISING now. 

What support and help can I expect from Cerebral Palsy Alliance?

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Our dedicated team are just an email or phone call away to help you plan, organise and have the best time at your event. However, we cannot actually undertake the tasks for you. 
We’re here to help, and we’d love to hear from you! No question is too small. Contact our support team via email or phone 02 9975 8957 - the team are always happy to help! 


How can I promote my Cerebral Palsy Alliance Fundraiser and ask for donations?

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It is important to share your inspiration with your friends, family and network about why it is so important to you to support people living with cerebral palsy and help fund world leading research into the treatment and prevention of cerebral palsy.  

Don’t underestimate the direct ask, such as via email, SMS or face-to-face. And don’t be afraid to ask more than once; people get busy, so a friendly reminder is often welcome. 
Using social media is a great way to promote your event as you will have control over the images and updates you share and will be able to engage with people directly, making your messages personalised. 
You can also approach the local media who may cover your fundraiser; however, it is important to check in with us first.  

If you have a question or need help, please email us at or phone 02 9975 8957 - the team are always happy to help! 

How do I share my fundraising page? 

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When looking at your fundraising page, simply click on the buttons to share your page via Twitter, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin or Email, or copy your link to send it in a way of your choice. You can also use the pre-written email under ‘get support’ on your fundraising dashboard.  

Can you use the Cerebral Palsy Alliance logo on your fundraising event?

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    Sure!  But please note that we do have a strict policy prohibiting the use of our logo or brand in conjunction with any outside products, promotional materials or commercial websites. Fundraising is encouraged but using the cause to market business is not. 

    Please contact us via email to register your fundraiser and we can provide you with our supporter logo for you to use to promote your event. 

    Any events using our logo must have approval from our fundraising team. 

    Are donations to your event tax deductible?  

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    If your donation to us is made in Australia and is over $2, then it is tax deductible. When you donate, an email which will contain a receipt as proof of your donation to us will be sent to you.  

    Donations are not tax deductible when a donor receives a benefit from their donations. For example, raffle tickets, event tickets, items or food.  If you would like to find out more information about tax deductible donations, please contact us or visit the Australian Charities and Not-forprofits Commission (ACNC) website. 

    Can I simply make a donation instead of fundraising? 

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    Yes absolutely! You can donate to Cerebral Palsy Alliance using our secure online portal.  It is only through your generous support that Cerebral Palsy Alliance can provide services, equipment, respite and therapy for children and adults with cerebral palsy and all donations over $2 are tax deductible.  

    Can I raise funds specifically for an individual?

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    You cannot fundraise specifically for an individual through our community fundraising platform.  

    All funds raised through this platform will go towards a general pool of funds that supports a wide range of Cerebral Palsy Alliance initiatives.   

    Please contact us via or phone 02 9975 8957 if you would like to find out more.  

    Do you have to tell Cerebral Palsy Alliance about your fundraising, or can you just donate the money raised?  

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    It’s a legal requirement that everyone fundraising needs to obtain authority to fundraise from their nominated charity.  Please complete the online application form or contact us via   

    Please note: Cerebral Palsy Alliance reserves the right to reject any fundraising activity or donation that does not align with our values.  

    Can someone from Cerebral Palsy Alliance make a presentation at your fundraising event?

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    Requests for Cerebral Palsy Alliance staff to attend fundraising events are decided on a case-by-case basis. The Cerebral Palsy Alliance fundraising team is available to answer any questions you have regarding your event and offer advice and encouragement.  

    Contact our support team via or phone 02 9975 8957 - the team are always happy to help! 

    Will Cerebral Palsy Alliance provide insurance for your event?

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    No. Cerebral Palsy Alliance will not be able to provide public liability insurance for your fundraising activity. It’s up to you to decide whether you need insurance to cover your fundraising event to protect yourself and your supporters. We suggest you hold your event at a venue that’s already covered by public liability insurance.  

    What do I do once I've finished fundraising?  

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    All donations received online will automatically show on your fundraising page. 

    If you have collected cash, we suggest you make a deposit into your account and then you can donate via your fundraising page using a credit card and title it ‘cash donations’. 

    Please get in touch via or phone 02 9975 8957 if you need further assistance. 

    Are there any legislations that I need to follow? 

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    All fundraising activities must meet the requirements of relevant laws and regulations in your State/Territory, and you will need to obtain any necessary permits or licenses required. If your activity is using raffles, lotteries or other gaming activities to fundraise, there may be other laws and obligations that apply in your State or Territory. We suggest you contact your local State Authority for more information. 

    Australian Capital Territory - ACT Office of Regulatory Services and Gambling   

    New South Wales - NSW Fair Trading   

    Northern Territory - Office of Consumer and Business Services    

    Queensland - Office of Fair Trading    

    South Australia - Office of Consumer and Business Services    

    Tasmania - Office of Consumer Affairs and Fair Trading  

    Victoria - Consumer Affairs Victoria 

    Western Australia - Department of Commerce 

    Anyone running a fundraising event must consider licenses, permits, local council approvals and insurance. 

    Technical Support

    What’s the address of my online fundraising page?

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    You'll find this in your registration e-mail. You can also try searching your name on the homepage, or 'Copy Link' at the top of your Dashboard.

    If you can't track it down please email our support team via and we'll find it and send it to you. 

    I forgot my username and/or password? 

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    Don't worry - it happens to the best of us! Once you click login, you'll see a prompt if you've forgotten your details. We'll send you an e-mail with a reminder of your username and a link to reset your password. Remember to check your Junk folder just in case the email gets stuck there!